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2010 in New Jersey: It Snowed.

December 31, 2010

Tags: 2010, New Jersey, snowfall, Snooki, Chris Christie

As we entered 2010 in New Jersey, it snowed. And snowed. Then it snowed again.

In January, we dug out of the snow long enough to inaugurate former U.S. Attorney for New Jersey Chris Christie as new governor. Christie's reputation for toughness gave many residents hope that the state might be on its way (more…)

Welcome to Winter In Jersey

December 29, 2010

Tags: Driving, winter, snowfall

Key to having a manageable winter after last year is that the next two foot snowfall does not occur two or three days after the first. So far; cooperation. But Mother Nature can be a miserable bitch. She PMSed(I've created a word!) every couple of days last winter. We used to get two to three inch snowstorms in a bad winter. I know Swan Dive will vouch for the wonders of New Jersey driving in snow. That is, if he's gotten off the New Jersey Turnpike yet.
We're seeing too much of this:

Have you completed your summer reading list yet? Whatever you want, you'll find it here:

Hey, we're right in the heart of Shark Week. It's Shark Summer in South Jersey at a lot of beaches. Anyway, are you doing your part? Here's some great research material from Jim Toomey.